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About Us

RJB Investments, Inc., is one of the fastest-growing real estate investment companies in the Midwest. With holdings primarily in Illinois and northwest Indiana, RJB Investments boasts a portfolio valued at more than $2 million, with several multi-unit residential properties currently under negotiation.

The RJB Investments business model emphasizes long-term "buy-and-hold" strategies that are based on a thorough analysis of all expenses related to purchasing and managing real estate. RJB owner and founder Robert Bock is a talented relationship builder who has developed an ever-expanding network of real estate professionals, which has helped him develop an intimate knowledge of local market conditions. These relationships, coupled with years of experience, enable him to make smart purchasing decisions. Bock and his team have powerful systems in place to analyze large investment opportunities; they excel at structuring sound deals that consistently reward investors with above-average returns.

Bock also brings solid Midwestern values and an uncompromising commitment to excellence to all of his business dealings, whether he is buying, selling or managing his growing portfolio. From his modest beginnings as a rehabber, purchasing one or two properties at a time, Bock has expanded his reach to include 26-unit deals in Peoria, IL, to a 182-unit residential complex in Beaumont, TX. With an eye on transitioning from a 20-plus year career in electrical engineering, Bock incorporated RJB Investments in early 2006. His business plan emphasizes growth in multi-unit residential housing.

RJB Investments is on pace to own $30 million in real property within five years, with an annual revenue topping $1 million. Bock says he is excited about structuring bigger and better deals for private lenders and equity investors as RJB Investments continues to grow.

For more information about RJB Investments or how to join the RJB private lender/equity partner programs, fill out this form and submit it through the secure RJB Investments Web site, or call 708-588-9611.